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In Vitro Fertilization Costs

If you have exhausted all other ways of trying to get pregnant, then you are probably looking at IVF as a next step. While in vitro fertilization costs are high, the IVF success rates are increasing with further technology. However, as an IVF consultant it always amazes me that despite in vitro fertilization costs being so high, often people do rush into it. Before getting into debt with in vitro fertilization costs, I always encourage my clients to try EVERYTHING first. I advise people to get to the library and read everything! Search around the internet for information or download an e-book.

With in vitro fertilization costs being so high and the success rate only hitting 47% with the actual birth rate being as low as 15%, it makes sense to try everything you can to get your little miracle without paying!

But if you have tried everything then IVF is the next step, so below is the IVF cost rates you can expect. Remember though that every fertility case is different, and different couples will require different services. The in vitro fertilizations costs below are for the basic embryo transfer plans.

Costs In New York

In vitro fertilization costs in New York can be less than elsewhere due to the
State Infertility Demonstration Program which has been in place since 2002. This is a grant to reduce the in vitro fertilization costs in New York but is for residents only. There are criteria which need to be met, so always enquire whether the given in vitro fertilization costs include a reduction from this grant as not all IVF centres participate. The in vitro fertilizations costs in New York can be reduced by as much as 97% if you are eligible.

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The American fertility clinic based in New York has a rather unique payment system for in vitro fertilization costs which they call the “Two plus Two” programme. The in vitro fertilization costs $10000 per cycle. If after two cycles you do not conceive, then they will perform two further cycles for free. So basically the in vitro fertilizations costs $20000 for up to four cycles.

SIRM clinics in New York use a micro-IVF technique which has a higher success rate than other (IUI) techniques at around a 30% actual birth rate. The cost for this is $6250 per cycle making the actual in vitro fertilization costs per baby lower than most.

Costs In Texas

In vitro fertilization costs in Texas range from $8000 - $10000 and unlike the in vitro fertilization costs in New York, Texas does not have any grants in place. Therefore, if you are going to have difficulty coming up with the necessary funds, look for a fertility centre which offers payment plans and also refunds on unused cycles.
Fertility Center of Antonio offers a unique refund plan for uninsured patients if the cycles do not produce a baby. They also offer discounts for active duty military patients to reduce the in vitro fertilization costs. Most centres in Texas will offer payment plans so don’t be afraid to ask.

Costs In Florida

In vitro fertilization costs in Florida range from $8000 - 120000, however there are plenty of institutions available to assist with the costs. If you are not insured and if the in vitro fertilization cost is too high for you, contact
B.U.M.P.S, Inc. They are a federally tax-exempt charity who assist couples in need of fertility treatments.

IVF Florida is affiliated with B.U.M.P.S to help with in vitro fertilization costs in Florida. The Reproductive Medicine Group is also keen to lower in vitro fertilisation costs in Florida with the Attain IVF Refund program. Couples pay a flat fee for up to 3 IVF cycles and three frozen embryo transfers. If you are not successful they refund 70% of the fee or 100% of the fee if donor eggs are required.

Basically, if you want IVF then there are ways around the cost. However, the in vitro fertilization costs are high both monetarily and mentally. The programme is long, hard on the body and with no guarantee of success.

Remember my advice before writing the check or mortgaging your home and try everything else before you end at IVF. I wish you well on your quest for parenthood!